Acceptances from International Universities

Acceptances from International Universities

Dear Parents,

Education is a long-term process that requires detailed planning and careful follow-up. In the process of lifelong learning, it is very important that educators and parents work together to meet the needs of children. This support, which should be carefully given to our children in the areas of social, emotional, physical and academic development, is very important for them to become qualified individuals.

Based on this understanding, the development of each student in our school in the above-mentioned areas is systematically monitored from kindergarten onwards; this process, which is carried out meticulously in collaboration with the school and the family, is recorded in detail and the learning environments that our students need are offered to them. Our students create their personal portfolios that show their academic richness with the international programs they are involved in, national and international projects, sports and artistic achievements, social responsibility activities, and they complete a process that develops the student profile sought by the IB programs.

In Grade 12, the final stage of this process developed through rich learning environments, all the data gathered is transformed into a portfolio and presented to international platforms under the guidance of our experienced international university counselors. This long-term process, which includes a wide range of diverse and developmental experiences, culminates in the acceptance of our students by the world’s elite universities. Although the application process is still ongoing, this year our students have received many acceptances from the world’s elite universities. In order to share this happiness with you, we would like to share with you the 12th grade acceptances we have received so far. As the Irmak family, we congratulate our graduates and wish each and every one of them a successful placement in the university of their choice.

We hope to share many more proud achievements with you…
Irmak Schools General Manager

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