May 19th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day Ceremony

We celebrated May 19th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Irmak Conference Hall. Our host was 10th grade student Kaan KULELİ and 12th grade student Berke ÇALBAŞ gave a speech about the meaning and importance of the day. The ceremony continued with High School Orchestra after ?Gençliği

10th Annual Irmak Sports Festival

Each year, we organize Irmak Sports Festival in May 19th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day so that students representing our school in different branches can meet athlete students from other state or private schools and we can improve the friendship and fair play spirit in sports.

Secondary School Basketball Tournament

On May 14th-17th, we organised a basketball tournament for our students to improve their pysical and social skills.

Alp Açıker's Swimming Success

On May 10th-13th in Turkish Swimming Championship, our student Alp Açıker came in fourth in 200m backstroke swimming category. He came in seventh in 50m backstroke swimming and eighth in 100 m backstroke swimming. By scoring above the average in three branches, he received a golden medal.

Caricature Competition Success

6C student Bora Basmacı's caricature is honored to be in the exhibition in Creative Kids Organization's Caricature Contest themed "Art". We congratulate our student and wish him more success.

Ali Nikravan's Success

7C student Ali Nikravan came in second in Mustafa Koç 'Writing Competition' held by VKV Private Koç Secondary School with his story titled 'Poem'. We congratulate our student and wish him more success.

5th, 6th and 7th grade students Social Sciences Quiz Show

On Monday, May 5th,7th grade students; on Wednesday, May 9th, 5th grade students and on Thursday, May 10th, 6th grade students competed in Social Sciences Quiz Show.

Star Girls Volleyball Team-Kadıköy District Championship

Our Star Girls Volleyball Team (7th and 8th grade students) came in third in Kadıköy District Championship-Secondary School. We congratulate our student and wish them more success.

İstanbul Symphony Children's Choir Concert

Gökçen Koray, Turkey's first woman choir leader, performed in Kültür Merkezi in her 41st year in music. Conductor Seval Irmak also participated in the concert with piano. Istanbul Symphony Children's Choir, founded by Gökçen Koray and Seval Irmak in 1992 and that has 80 children, performed at 14:00

8th Grade students in the Paths of Old Istanbul

On Tuesday, May 8th, we organized a trip as a part of our TC Inkılap Tarihi ve Atatürkçülük lesson (History of Turkish Revolution and Kemalist Reading) with eighth graders. The students walked around the Eyüp and neighboring districts that still keep their old style and Pierre Loti that once was

Nehir Aksakal's Tennis Success

Our student Nehir Aksakal came in second in Weekend Tournament - held in Taçspor Club by Turkish Tennis Tournament on May 3rd-6th, 2018. We congratulate our student and wish her continuing success.

Irmak Dinç's Athleticism Success

Our student Irmak Dinç came in third in İBB Cup 200 m. We congratulate our student and wish her continuing success.

Irmak Students' URFODU Math Success

The results of XIV. URFODU International Basic Sciences Mathematics Final Competition which is organized to improve the students' interest and ability to the scientific research were announced.

Irmak Fair

Our Annual Irmak Fair took place on Sunday, May 6th. Starting with brunch at 10:00, Irmak Fair had art, sport and fun activities that all Irmak family enjoyed. The stands with many different items and the delicious food and beverage stands were active all day.

Maybe we are in their garden!

We have been hosting a seagull family for a week. A seagull incubating under the tree in our front garden is trying to keep her eggs warm until baby seagull is born under the curious eyes of our students and us.


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