Çanakkale TROYMUN Conference

On 12-14 November 2018, Irmak JMUN club students (Emir Alexander Atabek, Melis İrem Aybar, Lila Naz Erdoğmuş, Naz İşleyen, Yağmur Aksel, Duru Kalyoncu, Selah Blessen Wolf, Ceylin Ece Yılmaz, Oltun Erim Özavcı, Selim Uslu) attended the 2nd Annual Canakkale TROYMUN Conference.

Uniq Istanbul-Miro Lithography And Gravure Printing Exhibition

In order to improve our 5th grade students' art perspective, we organised a field trip to Uniq Istanbul - Miro Lithography and Engraving exhibition, on 13th November, 2018

Atatürk and the Turkish Republic Press Exhibition

Atatürk and the Turkish Republic Press publications are displayed in our school library.

Hisar JMUN Conference

On 18-21 October 2018, Irmak JMUN club students (Kerem Bayındır, Emir Alexander Atabek, Yağmur Aksel, Melis İrem Aybar, Oltun Erim Özavcı) attended the 13th Annual Hisar JMUN Conference. The Irmak students, representing Japan along with their peers from all over the world, engaged in lively

Student Assembly Elections were held at primary

Student Union elections, which is an important part of the culture of democracy in our school, were held on Thursday, October 18th with the participation of 1 - 12th grade students and all the employees of the Irmak. The party of 'Super School' s Sound of Super People

Family Coding Night

As part of the European Coding Week, between dates 6-21 October, we organized Family Coding Night with our parents and students at the 4th and 5th grade levels.

Irmak Secondary School 18th Graduation Ceremony

Irmak Secondary School 18th Graduation Ceremony took place on Sunday, June 10th. To share our students? proud and happy graduation day, members of the board of directors, school administrators, teachers and family members came together. Then 8th grade students received their diplomas.

Irmak Dinç and Eren Özelçi's Success in Athletism

In the "Fastest of Turkey" race held by Turkish Athletism Federation, secondary school students Irmak Dinç came in second and Eren Özçel fourth and they will be competing in Istanbul Finals. We congratulate our students and wish them more success.

Winter School Concert

Irmak Winter Music Schools gave a concert themed Classical Music, Pop Music and Alternative Rock. Our students performed successfully and the concert attracted great attention.

Hours to LGS Exam

As a part of the exam process activities, 8th grade students read the letters from their parents and got motivated before the exam.

Talk With Author Radi Dikici

On Friday, May 25th, as a part of social science lessons, 7th grade students hosted historian and author Radi Dikici whose book named "Dört İstanbul" they read in the class and who is known for his books about Istanbul and Byzantine. The author answered the students' questions and signed his books

Irmak Students' Success in International Gauss Math Contest

On Thursday, May 14th, 7th and 8th grade students took Gauss Mathematics Exam prepared by Canada Waterloo University Mathematics Center.

Press Reader with 7th Grade Students

Irmak Schools are using Press Reader which has more 6000 newspapers and periodicals in more than 60 languages of more than 100 countries in order to improve language skills and contribute to the students' and teachers' lessons, research, homeworks and projects.

Music in Our Garden

Secondary school students did their instrument lessons in the garden and welcomed the spring with fresh melodies.

May 19th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day Ceremony

We celebrated May 19th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Irmak Conference Hall. Our host was 10th grade student Kaan KULELİ and 12th grade student Berke ÇALBAŞ gave a speech about the meaning and importance of the day. The ceremony continued with High School Orchestra after ?Gençliği


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