Michelangelo Play Has Been Staged

High School Theatre Club which has met audience with many different plays and has attracted great attention staged Michelangelo play at the auditorium on Thursday, February 15th at 19.00 pm.

8th Grade Da Vinci Trip

We organized a trip to Da Vinci Exhibition in Uniq Istanbul, the biggest and largest exhibition in the world on Thursday, February 8th, 2018 in order to internalize the achievements of "simple machines" subject in physics lesson of 11th and 12th graders.

Oltun Erim Özavcı's Tennis Success

Our student Oltun Erim Özavcı came in first in U14 tournament held at Londra Bishops Park Tennis Club on January 27th, 2018.

Hisar Friendly Tournament Rankings

We attended Hisar Schools Friendly Tournament held between January 16th and 19th, with our volleyball, football and basketball team. Yıldız Boys Football team came in first while Yıldız Girls Volleyball Team and Basketball Little Boys Team came in second. We congratulate all the participating

Active Art Contest

We participated in Traditional Active Painting Contest with our secondary and high school students on January 17th, 2018. Our students created unique and creative compositions for the given subject in a limited time.


On Thursday 18 January, finalists from 5th and 6th grades participated in our school's annual Spelling Bee Final.

Social Responsibility Project

On January 15th, 2018, as a part of the social responsibility projects, High School Fund group students organized a charity sale with secondary school students for autistic students. In this way, they started Butterfly Effect, theme of Irmak Biennial this year, with the charity sale and also support

Secondary School Skiing Camp

We have completed our Uludağ Skiing Camp that we organized to create an environment in which our students would develop basic knowledge and skills related to skiing and discover our talented students.

Suggestions to 8th Grade Students

School Principal Metin Yoleri made suggestions to 8th grade students about what they should do in the holiday before the break.

Interview with Gülsin Onay and Her Family

We hosted worldwide famous pianist Gülsin Onay, violinist Erkin Onay and Eren Kuştan and violist Elif Onay in Irmak Concerts held with the cooperation of Gençlik Kültür Foundation and Irmak Schools.

Sakıp Sabancı Museum Trip

We have made our art trip with our 7th grade students to Sakıp Sabancı Museum on December 20, 2017. The students had a chance to examine Sabancı Collection and grasp the importance of museums in the social memory.

Secondary School Futsal Cup Leauge

We organized a "Futsal Cup Tournament" in order to support the social-emotional and psychomotor skills of the students. Istanbul United Team came in first in 7th and 8th grade league while the winner of 5th and 6th grade league was Tayspor. Istanbul United came in first in futsal super cup final

2017-2018 Academic Year's "Chatters" Have Been Announced

On Tuesday, December 15 we held our 6th "Chatty" Prepared-Unprepared Speech Contest among the secondary and high school students which was highly entertaining and exciting like each year.

We have completed Sexual Health Education

We have completed the second lesson of Sexual Health Education by TAP Foundation and our counseling teachers with grades and 11. as well as prep year students. Sexual Health Education Programme(CSEP) aims to support the sexual development of the teenagers and make them avoid risky

Istanbul Innovation Week Trip

On Thursday, December 7, 11th grade students attended Istanbul Innovation Week activity with their philosophy teachers in Istanbul Congress Center. Our students watched Forbes columnist and Bitcoin Founding director Jon Matonis' talk on digital currencies, developing e-money Instruments,

6th Grade Spelling Bee

On Wednesday, December 13th, sixth grade students participated in our school?s annual Spelling Bee contest. During the competition each student tried his/her best to tackle very challenging words. We would like to congratulate everyone for their great performance.

5TH Grade Spelling Bee

On Monday, December 11th, fifth grade students participated in our school?s annual Spelling Bee contest. During the competition each student tried his/her best to tackle very challenging words. We would like to congratulate everyone for their great performance.

World Favor Days

The winners of poster competition in the 5th,6th,7th and 8th grade students by counseling service as a part of "World?s Favor Days" distributed cookies and stickers which had the theme of peace and favour to their friends.

Nehir Aksakal Success on Tennis

Our student Nehir Aksakal came in first in age 12 Girls Competition hosted at Taç Sports Club and held by Turkish Tennis Federation.

Azmi Derin BİRSUN's Success on Chess

Our 5th grade student Azmi Derin BİRSUN came in first in age 11 Istanbul Little Students Chess Tournament-Ataşehir group. We celebrate our student and wish more success.


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