5th Irmak Biennial Butterfly Effect will meet art lovers between March 19 and April 20 2018.

We chose "Butterfly Effect" as our main topic in our 5th Irmak Biennial. The activities aimed to improve the students' creativity, encourage the interest to contemporary art and expand their vision will meet the art lovers between March 19 and April 20 2018.

5th Irmak Biennale Opening Night

Irmak Schools which aim at differentiations opened 5th Irmak Biennale on March 20th, 2018. Along with the exhibition that highlighted big ideas around a theme, various performances of unforgettable movie musics and presentations were shared with art lovers at Irmak Conference Hall.

Great Interest to Private Irmak High School Graduate Candidates from Overseas Universities

Private Irmak High School which adopts continuous development as its basic principle and constructs its unique academic curriculum with universal values, communication, holistic learning and intercultural awareness is proud of the interest to our students from overseas universities.

2nd 'ÜLKEMAKET' Contest Results

The results of 2nd ULKEMAKET Contest held by Modern Languages Department in Irmak Schools were announced.

Great Interest to Secondary School Open House Day and Entrance Exam

Our school that started receiving new student application and registration as a part of our early enrollment process hosted prospective parents and students on February 24th. There was a lot of interest in our open house day and entrance exam.

Kindergarten-Primary School Open House Day

Our school which started taking new student applications and registrations hosted prospective parents and students on February 17th at an open house as a part of our early enrollment process.

1st Grade Students Visit The Meteorology Station

First grade students visited the Meteorology Station in Kartal. In the garden of the observatory, we learned about different types of instruments and how they work to predict the weather conditions. After that, we had the chance to watch a weather balloon as it was launched and then we had

Our subscription to an electronic magazine and newspaper service PressReader has begun.

Press Reader is a collection of current magazines and newspapers where you can access to the original copies of more than 6,000 magazines and newspapers published in approximately 60 languages and over 100 countries in the same day.

Michelangelo Play Has Been Staged

High School Theatre Club which has met audience with many different plays and has attracted great attention staged Michelangelo play at the auditorium on Thursday, February 15th at 19.00 pm.


On Thursday 18 January, finalists from 5th and 6th grades participated in our school's annual Spelling Bee Final.

Kindergarten Olcayart Art Trip

We organized an art trip to Olcay Art Gallery with kindergarten students between January 15th to 18th. Students had a chance to examine the works of the important artists.

2017-2018 Academic Year's "Chatters" Have Been Announced

On Tuesday, December 15 we held our 6th "Chatty" Prepared-Unprepared Speech Contest among the secondary and high school students which was highly entertaining and exciting like each year.

The Story of The Punctuation with Tülin Kozikoğlu

On Tuesday, November 14, our third graders met with author Tülin Kozikoğlu for the book "Mıstık Seni Anlamıyoruz"'. The students made an interview and activities about creative writing, punctuation, the importance of punctuation in the text and the importance of describing feelings and ideas

Academic Feedback Meetings

We made our Academic Feedback meetings with secondary school students. We shared our personal observations of the student?s in-class behaviors and tracking progress and we gave feedback about the attitudes need to be changed and their academic needs. We also made them notice their weaknesses and

"International Math League" - Mathematics Contest Success

Math League is a mathematics contest which is being held in many places around the world as U.S and Canada. The "Math League-High School Contest" takes place in six sessions and aims at measuring students' English and Maths skills as well as enabling them to compare themselves with their peers


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