We commemorated Atatürk with gratitude and respect.

We commemorated the founder and eternal leader of the Republic of Turkey, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, with the ceremony we held.

Our ceremony, which started with the presentation of a wreath, continued with the speech of the General Manager, Mr. Metin Yoleri, after the National Anthem and a moment of silence. While our secondary and primary school students watched the movie about the last days and the passing of Atatürk in their classrooms, our high school students joined the “Chain of Respect to Ata” on Caddebostan seaside at five past nine. Also, a group of our students stopped the traffic in front of our school with signs commemorating Atatürk.

We commemorate our Great Ancestor once again with respect, gratitude and longing on the 84th anniversary of his physical departure from us.


We commemorated Atatürk with gratitude and respect.

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