Visual Arts

Visual Arts
Arts is a tool for the individual feelings, thoughts, dreams, creative endeavours and self realization; and is a significant cultural dynamic with a inclusive side in harmonization of society.
Department Objectives
Art education at Irmak Secondary School, provides the individual a contemporary life and ability to think freely. It provides the ability to educate individuals who understand each other within the community, who criticize and respect one another. It takes of an active role in the importance of understanding of cultures, the survival of our own culture and in transmitting in to future generations.
Department Objectives
The Visual Arts course at Irmak Secondary School has been prepared in order to give students competency in the use of art as a communication tool, to develop visual literacy through art, and to bring together their thoughts with their technical knowledge.
At our school which aims to educate future generations of intellectuals it is aimed to create a society of individuals;
• Able to express themselves by taking on positive attributes,
• Adopted the concept of life that constitutes the present of future of societies,
• Who are able to with today’s communication and interaction environments, respond to the new affects and expansion brought on with rapid change and the dynamics of society life,
• Able to generate new solutions to the difficulties arising in society by scientific and technological changes and transformation,
• To educate individuals who are aware of art for bringing honour to individuals and society, and to create a society of these individuals.
Technology And Design Course
In our Technology and Design course, our students gain the ability to predict needs before they occur and notice different problems, develop creative solutions, create a design for them, determine the production stages of the design and gain the ability of production.
The objectives of the Technology and Design course at Irmak Schools is to educate individuals who are aware of problems in order to make their own and society’s lives easier, who can generate solutions, creative and with an advanced imagination, who can construct their ideas and express them, who have learned to learn, who are curious, enterprising and open to development.

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