Social Responsibility Projects

Irmak Schools which was founded as a ‘social responsibility project’ give great importance to social responsibility projects with ‘raising responsible and sensitive students’ in our principles. Social Responsibility Projects (CIP) is 50-hour education programme that students learn, internalize and practice social responsibility projects. The programme was first included in curriculum in 2015 and it has been a required course for high school students. Irmak Schools have made many social responsibility projects and will continue to do.

Irmak Schools Social Responsibility Projects (CIP):


Nursing House Project:

We organize projects in nursing houses (Ministry of family and Social Policies) and Darulaceze (Istanbul Municipality Darulaceze Directorate). Irmak Schools aim to do activities such as workshops improving the elderly’s skills and reflexes, reading books, memory games, using IPAD and similar activities with having the question  ‘We want to do something for you this year. What do you think?’ in mind. Our students contribute to social development of the old people by spending time with them.


Animal Shelter Project:

Irmak Schools students have made many projects for our animal friends in the streets or in shelters that are abandoned and needed to be loved. Our students are aiming to support animals in shelters who are abandoned, sick or unattended by visiting, helping and sharing happiness and love with them.


The Disabled Project:

Disabled Project aims to help disabled people to improve their life skills to make them fulfil their roles in the society, have a good relationship with other people, work in cooperation, adapt to his/her community, productive and self-sufficient individuals. In this project, the purpose is to prepare the disabled people to the life with appropriate equipment and strategies, personnel and materials according to their needs, abilities and competencies. In this project, Irmak Schools students spend time with disabled students and help them socialize more.


Fund Group:

Fund group provides support for the resources of charity projects and campaigns with charity bazaars and aid campaigns.



Bookcrossing is widely done in many countries, especially in England and USA. Our school also has this project that people reads the book they find in public areas and after reading, they leave the books in the public areas again so that someone else takes it and the chain continues.



We aim to contribute to solving problems of the education system, one of the biggest problems in our society and remind this responsibility to everyone. In the project that we aim to help primary school students with low socio-economic background, we are helping students according to their needs.   


“Van Jacket-Boots Help”

Jackets and boots were sent to eighty students in Van Ermişler Primary School.


“Coal Help”

2 tons of coal was delivered to Van Ermişler Friend Primary School.


“Muş Jacket-Boots Help”

With ‘The faster it is, the hotter it is’ slogan, our students prepared a bulletin board in the school and collected 220 jackets and boots in two days. The jackets and boots were sent to Muş Elçiler Primary School students.


“Helping Autistic Kids”

Color printers and music system were sent to autistic students in Kağıthane Atatürk Secondary School Special Education class.


Social Responsibility Projects

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