Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department

The Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department, offers preventive, supportive, process-oriented and developmental guidance in live with the mission and vision of Irmak Schools.
With our Psychological Counselling and Guidance Services;
-Aware of limitations,
-Able to assume the responsibilities expected of their age,
-At peace with themselves and others,
-Able to stand on their own two feet in their social life,
-Instilled with problem solving skills,
-Able to effectively express their feelings and thoughts at the right time and place,
-Aware of their interests and talents, open to development and learning,
-For them to grow up as healthy and happy individuals.
The provision of continual, systematic and professional help
In line with these objectives, the academic and personal development of our students are continually monitored by the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department. Individual level and class level studies are carried out for the development of social skills. Information and guidance is offered in subjects required by the students. My providing support to students in goal determination to prepare students to a higher education institution, individualized psychological counselling is offered to students.

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