Professional Development in Irmak Schools

Orientation programme we prepared for our newcoming teachers in 2017-2018 academic year was done on Monday, August 14. We also started our in-service training programme starting from August to the beginning of the lessons. The first day of the school started with breakfast and continued with the speeches of Institution Coordinator Nazan Fettahoğlu, Secondary-High School Principal Metin Yoleri, Chair of the Board Dear Ülkü Arıoğlu,Members of Board of Directors and trustee members of Gençlik Kültür ve Hizmet Foundation Dear Meral Tunaşat and Dear Müfit Yıldırımalp and member of Board of Directors Dear Köksal Anadolu at Conference Hall. After our new teachers introduced themselves to Irmak family, we started working at full speed.

Our in-service training started with “Liderlikte Pozitif Psikoloji” training that our administration staff attended on August 7-8. The positive psychology theory on education and the examples of its implementation in the professional life was covered by Instructor Demet Uyar.

In-service training programme continued with Eğitimde Yeni Bir Çatı Model “9 types temperament model” training by Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk on August 16. Our staff benefited a lot from the detailed explanation of 9 types temperament model which provides an oppurtunity to examine and modify the individual characteristics from early ages and gives practical and effective ways to work on it throughout life.

 “Creating Positive School Atmosphere, Preventing Bullying and ıntervention Programme” by Arkabahçe Counseling was given to all academic staff on August 17. The same training continued with some of the teachers on August 18. Kindergarten, primary school and English teachers attended a training “ Who is gifted student in the class? How can we recognize them?” on August 17.

In-service training programmes will continue with department and academic staff’s support.

We wish the new academic year brings success, health and happiness to Irmak family.

Professional Development in Irmak Schools

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