Our basic reason for being is to develop our students using music, a universal language for the expression of thoughts and feelings, and teaching the inclusion of music in their lives in line with their interests and talent.

Department Objectives
At the Irmak Schools, our main objectives is to teach music and Music Science to our students, to develop our students in line with their interests and talent, and to educate individuals who take pleasure in music. The objectives of musical education at Irmak Schools can be summarized as follows:
o To understand that music is a universal language,
o To understand the importance and role of music in intercultural communication,
o To educate productive citizens with the information literacy skills required by the information society,
o To educate individuals who are interested in music and the language of music,
o To prepare students to live with music,
o To ensure students have the academic knowledge required for them to use new technologies and be productive,
o To ensure the ability to express the environment, nature, life, feelings and thoughts with music,
o To educate and develop students in line with their interests and talent,
o To develop a critical appreciation,
o To discover general and special musical talent with ear, sound and instrument training, is another objective of preschool musical education.

Department Objectives
Music lessons, aim to provide the ability of the individual to comprehend and imitate the sounds around them, and in time, with the skills and knowledge obtained, be able to express life, nature, thoughts and feelings with music, with the contribution of creativity.
o The ability to demonstrate positive attitudes towards music, enjoying individual and collective work,
o The ability to use musical creativity to express thoughts and feelings when encountering problems,
o The ability to express with music nature, the environment and life, by putting thoughts and feelings forward,
o The ability to understand Music Science and to put forward creative ideas and actions,
o The ability to work as a team in collective music practices, such as the school orchestra and school choir,
o The ability to use the information gained and skills developed in music classes, clubs and after school activities in social life.

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