Modern Foreign Languages

Language is a means of getting acquainted with the world we live in and transferring experiences. Learning a foreign language enables a student to solve problems and be able to approach circumstances critically, thus allowing one to improve his / her behavioral competence by surpassing their own language limits, and contributing to the intercultural interaction comprising the culture students have been raised with.


With regard to the saying “One language one person”, it is highly necessary to learn a second foreign language in our globalizing world. At Irmak Schools, beginning from Grade 9, students select one of the offered modern languages including: German, Spanish, and French. Provided that a new beginner in Grade 9 has recently begun learning their second foreign language, by the end of Grade 11 he / she will have reached the level of B1. Our goal for those who have come to Grade 9 with sufficient knowledge is that they will have reached level B2 completing level B1.

Our objectives for second foreign language education:

- Taking a positive interest in learning a new language, becoming closer to the cultures of other countries, increasing intercultural awareness, and exchanging ideas.

- Arousing considerable interest and enjoyment.

- Gaining trust and increasing critical thinking abilities by supporting a pupil’s creativity for discovery and invention by providing the proper environment with scpecial attention paid to the  scope, sequence  and duration.

- Implementing the skills that have been gained through learning methods based on improving communication and the student’s abilities of criticism, creativity, flexibility and consciousness of problem solving instead of a method based on grammar.

- Utilizing versatile methods and creating various learning opportunities for a diverse student population.

Each of the aforementioned second languages prepares the pupils for the internationally recognized examinations.  FIT Examinations in German, DELF Examinations in French, and DELE Examinations in Spanish are held each year in May.


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