Köksal Anadol (Member)

Köksal Anadol was born in Bergama on October 19th,1938. He had his trainee year in Stuttgart, Germany and graduated from the architecture department of the İstanbul Fine Arts Academy (now known as Mimar Sinan University) in 1963. Later he worked in the same school as an assistant for 6 years and a lecturer for 2 years with Prof. Sedad H. Eldem.

Besides his educational duties, he had technical and managerial contributions to more than 10 of Sedad Eldem’s architectural works of art and moreover; on his behalf he conducted the excavation of Topkapı Palace,İncili Mansion and Fenerbahce Palace.

In 1965, together with Ersin Arıoğlu they established ‘Yapı Merkezi’. From 1969 on, he has been the administrative representative of the ‘Yapı Merkezi’ firm. He contributed to the establishment of many architectural projects done by Yapı Merkez.

The studies that have started with engineering, architecture, design, survey and development have become various in time and besides the main firm ‘Yapı Merkezi’ there have been 14 firms that operate on prefabrication, mining, industrial production, finance, education and communication.
Meanwhile, the area of the buildings that have been constructed by ‘Yapı Merkezi’ as a design consultant or as an implementing institution has reached 30 million m2. These buildings are especially transportation systems, power stations, industrial complexes, houses, facilities and some renovations.
Köksal Anadol has contributed to the architectural projects of these buildings.

His areas of specialization are traditional Turkish architecture, prefabricated buildings, stations in transportation, the resistance of the buildings to earthquakes, renovations, and general architecture. He represented our country in the name of National Earthquake Commitee in international symposiums and seminars in Paris and Athens held by UNESCO. He published the building survey and the reconstruction plans of Damat İbrahim Paşa’s library in Nevsehir.
He has almost 70 articles, 28 signed by only him on various topics within ‘Yapı Merkezi’. Besides his membership to Chamber of Professions, he has been on the board of the foundations like TAÇ and ÇEKÜL that aim to protect our cultural heritage. He also is a member of the ‘The National Trust’ of England.
Köksal Anadol is married and with two children. He speaks English, French and German.

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