Kindergarten prep and first grade students will be accepted to our school via lottery as of the academic year 2021-2022.

Kindergarten prep and first grade students will be accepted to our school via lottery as of the academic year 2021-2022. Kindly follow the application details to be posted on our school web site and social media accounts.

Irmak Kindergarten Orientation Program

All Irmak Kindergarten students met with their classroom teachers individually today. Our students played with the materials and did some fun activities in our garden.

Maths Week

This week Coral Class enjoyed several mathematic activities in both English and Turkish Class. They practised symmetry, making 3D geometric shapes and dividing playdoh cookies to share with a set number of people.

Sharing the Planet

During our lesson in the science laboratory the Dolphin class explored how metal wires conduct electricity. The students learned how to twist the wires for a connection, disconnect them and problem solve when the connections did not work. This interactive learning experience helped students

Math Week

During "Pi Week", we conducted various math activities in our class. We reviewed the concepts of a quarter, a half, and the whole. We put numbers together to create bigger numbers. Finally, We designed 3D shapes with playdough and toothpicks.

Sharing The Planet, Plants

Under the Sharing the Planet transdisciplinary theme, Starfish class began to inquire into the central idea 'We have a responsibility towards the living things in our immediate environment' by observing seeds. We aim to support students in discovering more about seeds, and to identify and name

World Book Day

On March Thursday, our kindergarten 4, 5 and 6 year old classes celebrated World Book Day. Our students had the opportunity to introduce their favorite book and book character to their friends on this special day. All of our students and teachers came to school with a costume and acted out

How we express ourselves?

Last Thursday, our Jellyfish kindergarten class sanded pieces of wood left over from the construction work on our playground. Jellyfish class has been working on the theme of stories and fairy tales within the 'How we express ourselves' unit. They decided to create a fairy tale castle in class with

Sharing the Planet

Our Dolphin class enjoyed a relay race where the objective was to not allow water to drip or spill while carrying it. Each team started with 20 cups of water. At the end of the race we measured again to say that one team had lost 2 cups and the other team had lost 3 cups during the relay.

Turkish IB Schools Head And Coordinator Meeting

Irmak Schools hosted Turkey's IB Schools' Committee Meeting On Friday, February 21st. The administrators, programme coordinators and teachers of candidate and authorized schools that implement different kinds of IB programs (PYP, MYP, DP) from all over Turkey came together and held productive

Story Sacks

Our kindergarten English teachers use different techniques in language teaching. Story sacks are one of them. The story sacks contain three-dimensional materials with the main characters of the story. Story sacks are a great opportunity to help students improve their social communication


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