Information Technology

As Irmak Schools, with the aim of education individuals who are continually learning and responsible for their age, by benefiting from the contribution of information technologies in academic development, we provide areas within and outside of the class for our students to make use of technology. With the view of a school community with the absence of limits on access to information, out students are able to use information technology to access information independently from time and place.
Educational technology at Irmak Schools, in addition to gaining 21st century skills, supports researched based learning, the ability of students to form associations between the skills they acquire and their dreams and career plans, to facilitate individualized learning and support constructivist and student-centred teaching.
At Irmak Secondary School 5th and 6th grade level, Information Technologies and Software course is taught in theory and practive two hours a week. With this course, our aim is to educate students with 21st century skills and open to global competition. 
Our aim for our students is to,
• develop their information and computer skills,,
• to comprehend the importance of information and communication technology in their daily life and understand their purpose,
• to impart the importance of information and data security and to ensure the safety of students in the virtual world,
• to adopt the ethical and social values of the virtual world,
• to display attitudes of digital citizens in their everyday life,
• to recognize work areas in different platforms for sharing of information,
• to take their first steps to programming with problem analysis and solution approaches.

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