Activities for Students

Individual Meetings
Students are given individual counselling services. In this context, at least one individual meeting is held with each student. In addition to this, with Prep class and 9th grade students acquaintance meetings, course selection with 10th grade students, goal setting with 11th grade students, and university preparation meetings with 12th grade students are held individually. Parents can also participate in these meetings.
The principles followed when executing Psychological Counselling and Guidance Services are confidentiality, respect for individual rights, trust, worthiness of the individual and cooperation.
Qualified Individual Education
The aim of the Qualified Individual Education program is to instil in students values in accordance with social and cultural structure. The objective is to educate individuals who are valuable to themselves and society, who can establish healthy relationships, who can solve problems and take responsibility, who can work in partnership, who is curious and investigating, and who can think all-round.
The subjects of Qualified Individual Education is Responsibility, Cooperation, Curiosity, Honesty, Empathy-Respect, Peace, and Knowing Value-Commitment. The subjects are added as activities in each course and are covered above the discipline.
Career Counseling
The main objective in career selection is the future career providing satisfaction and happiness to the individual. The most important factor in success is motivation, and for a person to be motivated they must love the profession they have. Studies show that individuals spend 70% of their waking hours at their workplace. It is important for the selection of the right profession, to get to know the professions where you will spend the most productive years of your life, and the best hours of the day.
As Irmak High School Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department, various activities are organized within the Career Development Program in order to support the career development of our students.
Irmak High School Career Days
Each year various activities are organized for high school students under the scope of Career Days. Within the scope of Career Stories Conference, a businessman who has obtained personal and professional success in the national and international field is invited to share their own career story. In Career Presentation Day, students are able to listen to two professionals of their choice. In this scope, at least 20 experts are invited to the school each year. With the Universities Fair, universities from Istanbul and other cities set up stands in the school to meet with students. Students from other schools are allowed to participate in these activities as part of social responsibility.
Career Coaching Internship Program
Irmak High School students can observe a profession of their choice on site each year in February and June. Internship applications are realized with the support of our parents.
College Visits
Visits are organized or 10th grade students to visit various universities in Istanbul. Students determine their goals by examining the universities and the conditions of the departments.
With the cooperation of our National College Counselling and International Education Counselling department, our students are introduced to institutions of higher education and the preparation process for them, and support is provided to students regarding national and international exams such as YGS-LYS-SAT-TOEFL.

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High School Activities