Activities for Parents

Individual Meetings
In the individual meetings held with our parents, the development areas of our students are evaluated. In addition family meetings are held regarding the transition to high school process for eighth grade students.
Parenting Group Work
The interaction of the parents and other family members with the child, determines the role and position of the child within the family and social life. In order to establish a healthier relationship with the child within this interaction, to think on issues which occur in day to day life and to seek solutions together, every year parenting group work is carried out for a period of 4 weeks. 
Parent Newsletters
According to developmental development, informative newsletters on various subjects are sent periodically.
Seminars and Conferences
On various subjects selected according to the survey within the academic year and the subjects reflected on the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department, the school psychological counsellor and experts in their field organize seminars and conferences aimed at parents.

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