Activities for Parents

Parent Activities

The support of parents is a prerequisite for supporting student development. In this aim, activities that develop the cooperation of parents are implemented. In order to determine the activities to be carried out within the year, the suggestions in the parent survey and the characteristics of student development are taken into account.

Individual Meetings

In parent meetings, information regarding students is obtained, and their emotional, mental, social and physical characteristics are evaluated.  This information is used to create an environment and approach for the benefit of the student in the education and learning environment. Individual meetings are held with parents, and three-way meetings with the participation of the students are also held. Meetings with parents are carried out by appointment in line with the needs of the parent themselves or in cases where deemed necessary by the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department.

Parenting Group Work

They are programs which are on average 4 weeks, conducted in small groups in line with the needs of the parents.

Parent Newsletters

According to developmental development, informative newsletters on various subjects are sent periodically.

Seminars and Conferences

On various subjects selected according to the survey within the academic year and the subjects reflected on the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department, the school psychological counsellor and experts in their field organize seminars and conferences aimed at parents.

Domestic College Counselling

Success in YGS-LYS; is dependant in addition to a good preparation period to the analysis of the exams in both technique and content, and the briefing of parents and students at regular intervals. In line with this, a “Domestic College Counselling Department” has been created at our school to serve students and parents. 

Our Irmak Schools Domestic College Counselling Department offers individual counselling service to all high school students in cooperation with the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Service, providing guidance to the students in line with their interests and talents to the correct field and occupation.  In addition to this, they arrange seminars on exam content, score analysis, exam tactics, preferences and career choice. In addition, consultancy services are offered in the exam application and preference processes.

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