3-4 Age

Movement Education

There are branch courses in our kindergarten such as Music (Turkish and English), Visual Arts, Movement Education, Science Laboratory, Chess, Drama, Yoga and Information Technologies.

 Movement education offers favorable contributions to provide each student with an opportunity to develop within physical, cognitive, social and emotional integrity, and to live a healthy life in line with existing capacity of the students.  Our aim in our movement education classes is to improve such physical  eligibilities as endurance, flexibility, agility, strength, speed, stability, skill and coordination. Movement education courses offered systematically and in a programmed manner provide our children with habits related to healthy life, being tidy, ability to use their willpower and sense of cooperation. The base for physical exercise habit in their future life is laid with this education. Gymnastics branch in our classes are of prime importance in order for Irmak students to have an aesthetic body shape, and make positive contribution to their development for coordination and motor skills. Gymnastics provides positive contributions to the physical development of children and forms a base for every sport branch. In this respect, it is intended  that basic gymnastic exercises must be successfully taught in our gymnastics-oriented classes prepared according to the different age groups in our kindergarten.  


Our major targets are as follows;

• Gaining flexibility,

• Improving body coordination,

• Ensuring that students have a more balanced body.

• Increasing strength and endurance,

• Gaining self-confidence, discipline and determination.


Information Technologies

Targets of Information Technologies for Kindergarten class can be listed as follows: 

• Perceiving that information comes from different sources,

• Learning about main components and peripherals of a computer,

• Exhibiting proper position and sitting while working with a computer,

• Specifying operation sequence of a simple case,

• Learning how to use computer and other instruments in a correct way,

• Creating simple forms for certain purposes using an image editing program,

• Learning how to open and save a file,

• Utilizing menu options and commands, to open and close in a proper sequence.


Science Laboratory

Laboratory studies are introduced in kindergartens from the viewpoint of such principle as "Raising individuals asking, inquiring, exploring and responsible to their country and era" taken part in the founding philosophy of our school.


Our major targets are as follows;

• Ensuring that students should obtain information by trying, seeing, inquiring, touching the information, observing the processes, estimating and interpreting in the laboratory,

• Support the information they have, giving examples from actual life,

• Implementing and actualizing the information,

• Gaining scientific perception and perspective,

• Gaining an ability to observe, interpret and sustain nature, mechanism of nature and life with a scientific perspective.



It is intended that our students in the kindergarten can define and explain the meaning of sounds, simulate the sounds they hear in the environment both using their own vocals and orff instruments and vocalize the school songs in a correct way. Music education in these classes are carried out together with games.


• Playing (Performs rhythmical games using rhythm Instruments)

• Singing ( Vocalizes the pieces they learned as a soloist or in a group)

• Listening (Their music taste is improved, listening to various music samples)

• Creation (Activities as to try to express himself/herself using rhythm instruments.)


Visual Arts


Our major targets are as follows;

• Using materials suitable to their creativity,

• Understanding the art works of artists and expressing in his/her own way,

• Cutting simple shapes plotted on paper,

• Creating shapes comprising 2-3 pieces using soft materials like playing dough and putting such pieces into a composition,                                        

• Carrying out printing and sticking operations,

• Finalizing the incomplete human picture,

• Fulfilling their responsibility they assume,

• Having confidence in themselves,

• Using unique ways to express themselves,

• Remembering the details in a picture demonstrated for a short period,

• Improving their ability to identify cause and effect relationship.



Children's yoga lesson is a kind of yoga accompanied with stories and games. It aims to teach children to breath in a correct way and maintain their existing body flexibility and posture.


• Gaining body flexibility,

• Improving imagination,

• Relieving stresses in the body, and

• Improving concentration ability.

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