Working Method and Responsibilities 
The “International College Counselling” at Irmak Schools aims to help students with their choice of international colleges taking into account their interests, talent and success. 

In selection of college, in order to be successful the process should be managed together by the school, parent and student, and the most suitable college selected. Everyone involved in the process should take responsibility and be in contact with each other. The student should be the leader in this process by researching, planning and making the final decision. Informing the students, monitoring the schools application processes and guiding the student are the basic tasks of the department. 

Our expectations of our parents in this process; is to support and encourage the students. The main responsibilities of the counsellor is to; provide information to students regarding colleges and programs, preparing a list of colleges for application, writing the letter of reference as the counsellor, and introducing the student to the colleges in the best possible way. This process, with correct direction and organization, can be a valuable life experience to last a lifetime. The International College Counselling Department, will gladly take this journey with the student and will help them at each step.

11th Grade - 1st Term 
• Take the PSAT exam in October. 
• Meet with international college counsellor. 
• Participate in the school and outside international college presentations and fairs. 
• Start making general plans with your family regarding studying abroad. 
• Start studying for SAT 1, SAT 2, ACT, TOEFL or IELTS exams. 

11th Grade - 2nd Term 
• Meet with international college counsellor. 
• Participate in meetings for students planning on studying abroad. 
• Participate in the school and outside international college presentations and fairs. 
• Learn about summer school and complete your application. 
• Prepare a detailed list of universities by doing research and try to shorten this list with your counsellor by the end of term. 
• Take the SAT 1 and/or SAT 2 exams in May or June, you can take TOEFL in these months too. 
• Request brochures and application forms from colleges. 
• Start preparing your essays. 
• Determine a list of teacher’s names for reference letters. 
• If you will travel abroad during the summer, visit the university campuses and try to arrange an appointment for an interview. 

12th Grade - 1st Term 
• Students who wish to apply to universities in the UK must obtain UCAS form from their international college counsellor. 
• Students who wish to apply to universities in California, should consult with their international college counsellor as soon as possible, the deadline for applications is usually November 1st. 
• There is an early application system of some universities in America (Early Action / Early Decision) - deadline is November 1st or 15th of November. Students should consult with their counsellors as soon as possible. 
• Register to retake the required standardized tests (SAT / TOEFL, etc.). 
• Participate in the school and outside international college presentations and fairs. 
• Correct and complete your application essays. 
• Request letters of reference from your teachers. 
• Give all your school reports to your counsellor. 
• Talk regularly with your counsellor. 
• Make a plan to send all your applications through your international college counsellor. 

12th Grade - 2nd Term 
• Talk with the colleges you applied to and check whether there is anything missing from your application. 
• Inform your counsellor regarding responses received. (Results usually arrive between 15 March-15 April.) 
• Respond to the waiting list offers. 
• Send your deposit to secure your place at the college you have decided to attend. 
• Write letters to the university admissions offices to cancel your other applications. 
• Talk about the mailing of your final transcript and other documents  with your counsellor. 
• Obtain information about student visa procedures from your counsellor.

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