Young Poets writing about Republic Poetry and Composition Contest Results

The theme of “Young Poets writing about Republic Poem and Essay Contest” held by Turkish-Literature Department every year as a part of “October 29 Republic Day” celebrations was the quote of Lamartine, French poet and philosopher “Republicanism and ignorance are in bitter antagonism.”.

In the contest which is poetry in 5th and 6th grade and composition in 7th and 8th grade and attended by all secondary school students, our students expressed their loyalty to Republic and talked about the struggle that  republic, which Atatürk entrusted to the youth and will be raised by them, had with ignorance.

After the evaluations, the winners are Yiğit ERDOĞAN with his composition “NASIL ANLATAYIM Kİ?”  in eighth graders, Ali NİKRAVAN with his composition “CUMHURİYET” in seventh graders, Cansın Meylin TEMEL  with her poem “SEN RAHAT UYU ATA’M” in sixth graders and Deniz MERGEN with the poem “CUMHURİYET IŞIĞI” in fifth graders. 

We congratulate our students and wish them success. We also thank all the participating students for having Republican consciousness. 

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