We Entered The New Year Again With Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Campaign,which has been organized by our Turkish-Literature Department and of which slogans "It is worth to write a card if you value" founded by our secondary school student Batu Aydemir and “New Year’s Indispensable Condition/ Write, Send a card to your friend” founded by our high school student Mustafa Yıldızhan, has ended on 23.12.2016 and the income will be donated to LOSEV.

     With our students self sacrificing work, around 2000 greeting cards have been sold in this campaign to which great interest has been shown by our primary school, secondary school and high school students. Our students have put the cards  they have written for their families,friends and teachers into boxes that are located in central areas of our school. On 23.12.2016, greeting cards which have been collected from boxes by our students in charge as post carriers, have been conveyed to receiving classes and departments with the accompany of “Look Post Carried is Coming” song.

Besides, a group of 8th grade students have visited our pre-school classes and have conveyed their cards, 12 B students have visited first grades and have conveyed their cards. The joy and happiness of little ones after they have received surprise cards from their older brothers and sisters was worth to be seen.

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