Visual Arts


Art is a tool with which one can individually express his feelings, realize his dreams, employ his creative efforts and realize oneself, and an important cultural dynamic in integrating communities with his supplementary aspect.


Department Objectives

Arts education in Irmak Primary School provides individual with opportunity to live a modern life and think independently. It allows to educate people to be individuals who understand each other, criticize and show respect to each other in the society. It plays an essential role in understanding the importance of cultures, and adopting, maintaining and transferring our own culture to the next generations.


Department Targets

In Irmak Primary School Visual Arts course has been prepared taking such points into consideration as different perceptions of students, knowledge and intuition of two and three-dimensional works with individual differences, and steps in the development of their own perceptions and interpretation.

In our school intending to educate clear-sighted future generations;

• Student will have proficiency to be able to love visual arts and make a habit out of it,

• They can make use of aesthetic values in expressing themselves,

• They will be eager and brave to search for other new techniques than their existing techniques,

• They will be equipped with such ability and self-confidence that they can provide solutions to the problems that may occur.

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