Technology in Education

The project, “Technology in Training”, has been initiated for the purpose of raising such individuals who learn lifelong and are responsible towards their current era, in Irmak Schools and being able to follow up on rapidly advancing technologies closely, as a result of the areas of education and learning also being affected by technologies rapidly advancing technologies throughout the world. Technology has been considered as a tool for access to information only, rather than an objective, under the project and accordingly, first step on the project has been taken with Grades 5 and 9 as 1 to 1. It is the primary objective for students to have access to information and produce information from information through information analysis.

The project which has been launched on the basis of 1 to 1 provides students with means to have access to information independently of time and space while ensuring uninterrupted communication between teachers and students. Subject documents have been rendered accessible via any platforms thanks to Irmak Schools Moodle subject management system. Via Irmak Moodle, Students are able to have access to subject materials while, at the same time, sending their assignments to their teachers again via this platform. Again, thanks to Irmak Moodle, students are able to perceive the fact that information is actually accessible and interchangeable. Each Irmak student is given an individual Irmak e-mail address. In addition to communication via e-mails, teachers and students have multi-user work settings on individual documents via Google Drive. Group projects and performance assignments may be carried out through online encounters.

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