Secondary School Team won the 5th Irmak Debate League Finals.

5th Annual Irmak Debate League ended with the final match in the conference hall on Wednesday, March 28th.

    Of the highest scoring students from the matches between the classes since the beginning of the second semester, two teams to represent secondary school and high school were decided. Secondary school team members were Kerem Moğol from 5C, Duru Koyuncu from 6C and Doğa Bacınoğlu from 8C. High school team members were Ecenaz Bilgili and Öykü Güven from 9A and Kaan Kuleli from 10A. High school team was the ‘goverment’ and with the hypothesis ‘a device that can erase a memory, an incident or a person from your brain is invented’, they advocated that we should use this device and the ‘opposition team’ opposed and claimed that we should ban this device.

     The juries Kerem ATEŞ, Berke ÇALBAŞ, Zeynep ÜRER and Ilgaz ATAK were also active in organization process. In this competitive debate matches, secondary school team representing the ‘oppositon’ won the debate. After the match, all the participant representing their classes received certificates.    


Secondary School Team won the 5th Irmak Debate League Finals.

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