Principal of Middle School - High School Metin Yoleri

Principal of Middle School & High School

He completed his graduate education by having graduated from SDÜ Physical Training and Sports Department. He had further education in sports sciences in Saarbrüken University on scholarship from the Youth Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany between 2000 and 2003. He held numerous positions as a teacher, department head, coordinator and administrator in a number of national and international schools both in Germany and Turkey. He received an international certificate of instructor in the area of social & mental learning and character education developed by Stanford University in 2011, starting a career as instructor for teachers. Mr. Metin Yoleri, who had his post graduate degree in the Education Management and Supervision Department, Yeditepe University, joined Irmak Family in 2010, holding positions as the Head of the Physical Training Department and Middle School Deputy Principal. From September 2014, he currently serves as the Principals of Irmak Schools Middle School and High School.

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