3rd Grade Science Lab Activity: Making Beeswax Moisturizer

Our 3rd grade students questioned what they can do to reduce our waste as consumers within the scope of PYP inquiry unit. In the science laboratory, they made an experiment to make a beeswax moisturizer using natural materials. They also discovered that they can reduce their waste by producing.

Music Instruments Making Workshop with Luthier Oğuz Demir

As a music lesson activity, our 3rd grade students examined the production and consumption of an instruments. They learned of the violin adventure starting from the tree, with the workshop of Luthier Oğuz Demir.

"Efficient Use of Technology" study was conducted with 4th grade students.

Our Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department conducted a class study on "Efficient Use of Technology" with our Grade 4 students. In this study, it is tried to gain the students to be careful when using technology. We wish that our event will be beneficial for our students.

November 27th World Creative Drama Day at Irmak Schools

During the week on November 27, World Creative Drama Day, we conducted awareness studies with our students in the drama class. We had a celebration full of art by staging the process acted performances of Drama Club and Pantomime Club with creative drama method. We wish to meet in the equality

Exhibition Parent Workshop

PYP Exhibition Unit information meeting was held on Wednesday, November 27th for 4th grade parents. Our parents received information about which mentor teachers they will meet wıth depending on the study topics chosen by the students, how the process will work and their responsibilities.

Cici Theater Show

On Thursday, November 28, we hosted the Cici Theater team at our school. They performed a musical performance by a team consisting of all conservatory graduates. Our 1st Grade students watched 'Adventure of Punctuation' and 2nd Grade students watched the play "Music Box".

A study on "Developing Positive Friendship Relationships" was conducted with our third grade students

Our Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department conducted a class study on "Developing Positive Friendship Relationships" with our third grade students.In this study, what are the positive and negative behaviors in friendship relations, the importance of friendship in our lives, how we can de

4th Grade Archeology Museum Trip

Our 4th Grade students organized an educational visit to the Istanbul Archaeological Museum on November 13, 2019 as part of the central idea "Culture Constitutes the Identity of Society," for their PYP inquiry units. Our students had the opportunity to see the traces of cultures that lived on our

The Puffin Book Bus Visits Our School

The Puffin Book Bus paid our school a visit on 11-12 November as part of the World Children's Book Week. Students had a chance to discover and buy books to read at home. Thank you to the Puffin Book Bus!

Validebağ Teacher Nursing Home Visits to Our School

Our 3rd year students welcomed our guests from Validebağ Teacher's Nursing Home on PYP disciplinary themes where they examined the concepts of rights and responsibilities. They introduced the instruments they learned and interviewed them. In order to show our respect and sensitivity to our teachers,

Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Upstander Workshop

As part of our PYP unit 'Who we are', Irmak 3rd graders have been learning how to be an Upstander and stand up to bullies. This week the 3rd graders along with the kindergarten students, participated in an Upstander workshop where they worked in groups to paint a sign

Healthy Eating Presentation

This week we had a visitor, Ms. Yelda Onan, come to 4th grade to give a seminar about healthy eating. During the seminar, children came up one by one to choose either a fresh food item or a factory-made packaged item. As a class we spoke about how each item either improved or hurt our health


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