4th Grade Süleyman Bulut Talk

The author of "101 Idioms 101 Stories? and"101 Proverbs 101 Stories', Dear Süleyman Bulut carried out a lecture with 4th grade about idiom and proverbs. Starting with the creation of the books, Bulut talked about the differences between the idioms and proverbs and told the stories of the most

Physical Borders Workshop (1st Grade)

We organized "Physical Borders" workshop with first graders by counseling service. In the workshop, issues like bad and good touching, private areas, saying no were discussed with videos and stories. We wish this workshop would be beneficial to them.

We have completed TAP Foundation Sexual Health Parent Education.

For which needs and expectations of the Sexual Health Education Program were developed, its content, parents? approach to the topic, and suggestions for supporting their communication with children were included.

2nd Graders PYP Unit Environmental Consciousness

On November 27th-29th, as a part of our PYP unit "Nature", we organized a "cleaning the enviroment" activity in our school garden and Caddebostan Coast in our PE classes in order to raise environmental consciousness.

Number Bee

The Number Bee was a success! Thank you to everyone who participated from all three 3rd grade classes! After a week of learning how to read long numbers and practicing in class, we were ready for the competition. We were really impressed at how well students were able to read such long numbers!

"Friend Relationships" Workshop (2nd Grade)

Our school's psychological counseling and guidance department organized a workshop with our second grade students, which is titled "Friend Relationships". During the workshop, subjects as; "what does friendship mean, importance of friendship in our lives, what does it take to be good friends, how

The Journey from little hearts to the songs

We hosted Prof. Yücel Elmas who has great effect on training many teachers, has priceless contribution to the music education with his compositions, the founder of TRT Istanbul Radio and State Opera and Ballet Children Choir as a part of November 24th, Teachers' Day. The activity continued with the

The Effect of Cognitive Skills on Academic Life

On Wednesday, November 22, we organized workshop that was both theoretical and practical about four basic areas which are important in learning process with Assoc. Prof. Tamer Ergin for primary school parents. The examples that improve the cognitive development at school and at home were discussed.

We watched the theater about Healthy Lifestyle with a great interest.

First and second grade students watched "Healthy Lifestyle" play at Kültür Merkezi as a part of healthy living project by Kadıköy District National Education Directorate on Thursday, November 23. We thank all of the actors for their support by raising awareness about the effects of healthy and unhea


Irmak Schools 2nd graders visited the Natural Science Museum on November 21, 2017, as a part of their PYP unit called "Sharing the Planet." Students were able to see stuffed animals from Anatolia such as deer, wolves, bear, birds of prey and fox. They were also able to see very rich collections


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