Kindergarten-Primary School Open House Day

Our school which started taking new student applications and registrations hosted prospective parents and students on February 17th at an open house as a part of our early enrollment process.

2nd Grade Students Money Exchange Workshop

2nd grade students had a workshop about money with Songül Bozacı in order to support the subject of the unit.

3rd Sports and Education Panel

We organized 3rd Sports and Education Panel to encourage all the students in primary school to do sports and present sport as a lifestyle on Friday, February 16th, 2016.

4th Graders Orienteering Talk

4th grade students have made an interactive seminar with Ferrin İlbay Yalnız, the author of the book "Kayıp Kitabın Peşinde". İlbay Yalnız started with a video about the history of orienteering and how to play and then she organized a quiz about orienteering.

Destination Imagination Cat Houses

On Monday, 12 February, the Destination Imagination club students passed out the completed cat houses which we had made before the semester break. Thank you to all of the parentsand students who were willing to take a cat house and help a cat in need.

Visual Reading Workshop

We have organized "Visual Reading Workshop" with kindergarten and 1st and 2nd grade students' parents by Assoc. Prof. Tamer Ergin on February 7th, 2018. Activities and suggestions to support the development of the students especially cognitively were mentioned in the workshop.

Olcayart Art Trip

We organized an art trip to Olcay Art Gallery with first graders between January 15th to 18th. Students had a chance to examine the works of the important artists.

Our student Yağmur Ağaoğlu's Tennis Succes

Our student Yağmur Ağaoğlu came in second in Age 10 Winter Cup held in Taçspor Club by Turkish Tennis Federation between January 22th-27th, 2018.

Destination Imagination 'Cat Houses'

On Thursday, January 18th, the Destination Imagination Club 'Lemonade' ran an event to raise money to build cat houses.

1st Grade Students Visit The Meteorology Station

First grade students visited the Meteorology Station in Kartal. In the garden of the observatory, we learned about different types of instruments and how they work to predict the weather conditions. After that, we had the chance to watch a weather balloon as it was launched and then we had

Awarded Math Questions

Our students wrote their answers to the mathematical questions that require high-level thinking skills that we placed in our school corridor for primary school students. We gave sprout pencils to the participating students as a gift in order to increase the students? interest to the math and

Parent Internet Safety Night

On January 11th, 15th and 16th, third grade students participated in Parent Internet Safety Workshop. The goal of this activity was to equip third grade students with some key skills that will help them use the Internet safely and appropriately.

3rd Grade Rahmi Koç Museum Trip

On Thursday, January 11th, we organized a trip to Rahmi Koç Museum with 3rd grade students within the scope of PYP Unit "Place and Time We Are". The developments and changes of technology from past to now were discussed in the trip.

Sport Culture and Olympics Training Sharing

An interactive activity themed "Sport Culture and Olympics Training" has been done with 3rd and 4th grade students by Turkish National Olympics Committee.

Inquiry Based Learning Workshop

Teachers are also learners in Irmak Schools. They are self-directed team that teaches each other the best thing they believe they know. Learning atmosphere continues to grow. On Friday, January 5, after PYP Coordinator Tuba Yoleri's sharings on inquiry and inquiry cycles, homeroom teacher

Okyanus Göztepe Kindergarten visited

Okyanus Göztepe Kindergarten visited us in order to internalize reading habit and library culture at an early age, examine the sources and discover the magical world of the books. After the reading hour, students had a chance to look at the sources in the library. We thank Okyanus Göztepe Kindergart

Family Backpack Project

The students who attended Family Backpack Project which we aim to improve our students? international mindness and make them familiar with different cultures with different themes received their certificates. We thank Ayşe Mira Öğün, Milla Aralya Alıcı, Kanat Özbayraç, Ece Sanalp, Şira Beyza Toker,

Destination Imagination: İnstant Challenge Tournament - Ted Rensosans

The DI Irmak team had a great time going to the Instant Challenge Competition at Ted Renosans in Kucukyali this past Saturday, January 6. They participated in four Instant Challenges and participated in many other activities in between.

4th Grade Academic Honesty Talk

4th grade students try to understand the concept of academic honestly deeply at the beginning of the PYP Exhibition Unit every year. Another activity we are doing in this unit is our talk with our parent Academician Selin Gündeş. Our students learn more about what the plagiarism is, its reasons,


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