Physical Education

Physical Education lessons at Irmak schools are an indispensable part of the learner’s survival skill needs, planned vertically and enriched with the national and international syllabuses. Physical Education provides opportunities for the learner to reinforce outcomes gained in various other disciplines. The programmes are constructed at K12 level, and is dedicated to the student’s physical, cognitive, emotional, social and kinesthetic developmentand enable tte students to participate in physical activities throughout their lives. Irmak graduates are equipped with lifelong sports culture and lnclude a mainstream sports activity in their lives as standard.

Our main goal is to cultivate students with have a strong character against harmful substances, able to accept failures, who empthasises and sympathises, celebrates vistory, recpectful towards differences in social life, able to think analitically, and works collectively, approaches complex situations with solutions, and are healthy physically and mentally , thus uses sports as a tool.

  • Gaining skills for a healthy lile style
  • Able to control his/her own physique and develop a perception of space
  • Actively participate in sports activities
  • Gain an ability to play games
  • Gain a feeling of rhytm
  • Provide the opportunity for the student to discover and develop their talents
  • Acquiring new talents and experiences in various physical activities
  • Developing cooperative behaviour as part of a group or team
  • Taking the necessary precautions during physical activities

Our main target is for the student to be able to use space and tools when experimenting physically, and through developing reflective thinking skills to transfer these skills to their daily lives.
Alongside these;

  • Inquiry into our bodies and working principles
  • Using tools and equipments though using various parts of our bodies
  • Determining area of movement through spatial exercise
  • To gain technical and tactical skills in national and international sports branches
  • Contructing games
  • Creating a series of original movements with music
  • Motivating and conducting sportive skill tests.
  • To conduct orientation for both team and individual sports
  • To raise awareness towards sports injuries and first aid


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