Pascal,Cayley ,Fermat Mathematics Contests

The aim of the International Contests is to promote standardization and improvement in teaching methods as well as to assess and test the students' scores worldwide. Our students have achieved successful scores in the Math Contests which aim to promote mathematical problem solving skills by entertaining , implemented in our schools and organized by the The Centre For Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC)" , structured under the Math Faculty of Waterloo University, Canada.

Our 9th grade student, Anil Kuscuoglu has been awarded Pascal medal , 10th grade student Ogul Sumer has been awarded Cayley medal and 11th grade student Damla Us has been awarded Fermat medal. Our 9th grade students;  Anıl Kuşcuoğlu , Berkan Doruk Eke, Ezgi Eroğlu, İmge Aktuğan, Kaan Tufan, Mirza Taşpınar, Cem Tepe, Mert Şayir, Zeynep Aroğuz, Naz Kask, Berent Baysal, Sıla Yurtseven, 10th grade student Ogul Sumer,  and 11th grade students; Damla Us, Salih Kaan Demirel, Berke Çalbaş, Efe Eroğlu ve Pelin Ulaş have been awarded the distinction cerificate as a result of their assesment in the first 25% segment among the 63000 contest participants.

Pascal,Cayley ,Fermat Mathematics Contests

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