Ecological Awareness

Nothing ever exists entirely alone, every living thing is in relation to everything else. From this perspective, our school has added Ecological Awareness to its education programs. Our school whose logo is a platanus tree that is protected in our garden aims to raise awareness in students in early

Kindergarten Olcayart Art Trip

We organized an art trip to Olcay Art Gallery with kindergarten students between January 15th to 18th. Students had a chance to examine the works of the important artists.

Our school has celebrated the 94th anniversary of Republic Day with an enthusiastic ceremony.

On October 29, a group of Irmak High school students left the school with flag and our pennant to attend the official parade in the morning.

Parent-teacher "Kids Athletics" Activity

We organized age 5-6 parent-student activity in order to observe our kindergarten student?s sport skills and make them have social and emotional skills as well as motor skills.

Halloween Celebrations

On November 1st, the kindergarten and primary school students celebrated Halloween. While preparing for Halloween, the students decorated their classroom doors and decorated brown paper bags to use while Trick or Treating.

Kindergarten and Primary School Students' Republic Day Walk

We made Republic Day walk with kindergarten and primary school students on Caddebostan Sahil on Friday, October 27. Our students felt the spirit of Republic Day with our primary school band accompanying us in our walk.

2017-2018 Irmak Schools Activity Booklet

Please click here to reach 2017-2018 Academic Year Irmak Schools Activity Booklet.

Hand washing and Hygiene Seminar

Among the seminars as a part of our cooperation with MedAmerikan Tıp Merkezi, the first seminar "Handwashing and Hygiene" was held in Conference Hall on Monday, September 9 with all kindergarten and primary school students.

We have completed our kindergarten parent meetings.

Our school have completed kindergarten parent meeting in thenew 2017-2018 academic year. In this meeting that parents showed great attendance, parents were first informed about general issues by Instituons Coordinatör Nazan Fettahoğlu at Conference Hall. Later, Kindergarden coordinator Pırıl Naz

2017-2018 Academic Year Opening Ceremony

Our school has opened 2017-2018 academic year on Monday, September 11, 2017. Kindergarten, primary , secondary and high school students and parents were all there and it brought all Irmak people from kindergarten to high school graduates together.

Professional Development in Irmak Schools

Orientation programme we prepared for our newcoming teachers in 2017-2018 academic year was done on Monday, August 14. We also started our in-service training programme starting from August to the beginning of the lessons.

Year End Show

We have carried out our pre-school students year and show at our schools?s auditorium on 27 May Saturday. To begin with, we would like to congratulate our students on their success and self confidence. Additionally, we would like to thank our teachers and everyone who have great contributions in the

We Have Celebrated 23rd April National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

23rd April National Sovereignty and Children's Day has been celebrated at the ceremony which has been prepared by our pre-school and primary school students.

Easter Egg Painting Event

We had our egg painting event within the scope of Easter Celebrations. We have placed the eggs painted in various colours, in unseen corners of our campus and played our game "Hide and Seek". During the game, we have asked our students to find the hidden eggs.

Irmak Pre-school Students are Having their GYM Classes Onshore

We have benefited from our school's location with the coming of spring , which is close to shore side. We had our gym classes on shore with the goal of providing our students a fit start to the day with the impact of fresh air and sun.

"Two Singles" Play Has been Performed

"Two Singles" play , which has been written by famous American comedy writer Sam Bobrick, has been performed at our school's auditorium on 13 May Thursday evening within the scope of Duru Theater?s decennial. Emre Kınay has acted out Jack Fisher and high-spirited Evril Alasya has acted out Shanette

Our Book and Costume Day

Our students have come to school with their book characters costumes. This enjoyable day has contiuned with author appearances. Book and Costume Days, which have become an Irmak Tradition was very enthusiastic as it has always been.

XXII. Traditional Book Days

We have carried out our XXII. Traditional Irmak Book Days Event between 5th-7th April. Many valuable authors as Siirsel Tas, Sebnem Oral, Inci Olgun, Aysun Berktay Ozmen and Naz Aydemir Akyol have participated in as well as various publishing houses.

We have Organized Parents Seminar with Emre Konuk

On April the 1st, Saturday, we have organized a Parents Seminar titled "Traumatic Stress,Family, Psychology and Psychological Problems " , delivered by Psychologists Emre Konuk, M.A.


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