Age 6 Kindergarten Students Author Activity

On Tuesday, December 25th, Tülin Kozikoğlu, the author of the book "Öfkeli Örümcek Rıza", met with our Age 6 Kindergarten students.

Halloween Celebrations

On October 31st, the kindergarten and primary school students celebrated Halloween. While preparing for Halloween, the students decorated their classroom doors and decorated brown paper bags to use while Trick or Treating.

Atatürk and the Turkish Republic Press Exhibition

Atatürk and the Turkish Republic Press publications are displayed in our school library.

We learned about different jobs

As a part of PYP Unit "How We Organize Ourselves" Inquiry Line Jobs, we learned about music teachers in our music lessons. Marmara University Faculty of Education Music Teaching Department student Zeynep Coşkun talked about the education of a music teacher. The talk ended with a small concert that

Irmak Fair

Our Annual Irmak Fair took place on Sunday, May 6th. Starting with brunch at 10:00, Irmak Fair had art, sport and fun activities that all Irmak family enjoyed. The stands with many different items and the delicious food and beverage stands were active all day.

April 23rd Ceremony

We celebrated April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day with enthusiasm. The ceremony started with a moment of silence and National Anthem in Irmak Conference Hall and continued with kindergarten prep class choir's songs.

International Day

As a part of April 23rd activities, we organized International Day on Wednesday, April 18th. The students visited the stands of Turkey, Italy, Poland, Ethiopia, South Korea, Scandinavian Countries, Northern Cyprus and China and got their passport stamped. The stands of local food, handcrafts and

Library Week- "Reading in different languages" Activity

On March 26th-30th, we organized a parent-student reading activity in order to celebrate Library Week and improve international mindedness of our students. Our parents had a great time talking about the book they read in German, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Polish and Bulgarian. We thank all

Kindergarten Sprint Races

We organized Sprint Race for kindergarten age 5 and 6 group students in order to improve students' athletic skills, support the basic skills of other branches and contribute to motor skills like speed, quickness and explosive strength.

Parent Education Programme Has Started

Parent Education Programme by Pschological Counseling and Guidance Service for all K-12 levels parents has started. We thank all the participating parents.

Kindergarten-Primary School Open House Day

Our school which started taking new student applications and registrations hosted prospective parents and students on February 17th at an open house as a part of our early enrollment process.

Ecological Awareness

Nothing ever exists entirely alone, every living thing is in relation to everything else. From this perspective, our school has added Ecological Awareness to its education programs. Our school whose logo is a platanus tree that is protected in our garden aims to raise awareness in students in early

Kindergarten Olcayart Art Trip

We organized an art trip to Olcay Art Gallery with kindergarten students between January 15th to 18th. Students had a chance to examine the works of the important artists.

Our school has celebrated the 94th anniversary of Republic Day with an enthusiastic ceremony.

On October 29, a group of Irmak High school students left the school with flag and our pennant to attend the official parade in the morning.

Parent-teacher "Kids Athletics" Activity

We organized age 5-6 parent-student activity in order to observe our kindergarten student?s sport skills and make them have social and emotional skills as well as motor skills.


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