WWF Nature Seminar

Today senior sea protection expert Yaprak Arda from the WWF sea and wildlife program gave a presentation to our 5-6 year old students about nature and sea preservation areas. The students were highly interested in the presentation and they all took turns asking questions.

Our age 5 students visited Planetarium and Space Museum related to our 5 senses unit

Our age 5 students visited Planetarium and Space Museum related to our 5 senses unit

Pantomime Club Activity

The Primary school pantomime club students staged a performance of "My Feelings" for the kindergarten students. Our students watched the practice stages of pantomime make up. We ended the process by talking about the reflection of emotions in our mimics and body language.

Rocket Project 2

On the other day of our rocket project, we made pyramids out of paper. By discovering that the sharp end of the pyramid moves faster than the base, we figured out why rockets have a sharp nose cone. Afterwards, we did a balloon rocket experiment and observed that when the air comes out of the

Rocket project

We discovered the presence of air while preparing the rocket project. We became familiar with new concepts such as air resistance and air pressure by conducting experiments.

Lisa Goes to London

This week we began a Flat Stanley project with a school in Japan. The kindergarten and 3rd grade colored in and cut the Flat Stanley's that will be sent to the school. There they will be taken around by the students and used to teach our students about the Japanese culture and the daily lives

A workshop with the writer of "Zuzu Çöplükte", Ms. Görkem Arsoy

This week we participated in a workshop with the writer of "Zuzu Çöplükte" (Zuzu at the Rubbish Dump"), Ms. Görkem Arsoy. Ms. Arsoy began by telling us about the significance of recycling and what can be recycled, and then did an interactive activity about the correct separation of recyclable

Friendship Band

In order to develop our students' communication and listening skills and encourage them to show respect to each other, we have had them do our a 'Friendship Band' activity. In this activity, we tied their hands together with a rubber band asked them to plan their play time,

The Puffin Book Bus Visits Our School

The Puffin Book Bus paid our school a visit on 11-12 November as part of the World Children's Book Week. Students had a chance to discover and buy books to read at home. Thank you to the Puffin Book Bus!

Caddebostan Picnic Trip

Our preschool students had a great time on our seaside class picnic, eating delicious snacks and playing together.

Age 6 Kindergarten Students Author Activity

On Tuesday, December 25th, Tülin Kozikoğlu, the author of the book "Öfkeli Örümcek Rıza", met with our Age 6 Kindergarten students.

Atatürk and the Turkish Republic Press Exhibition

Atatürk and the Turkish Republic Press publications are displayed in our school library.


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