Iron-Man, Super Girl Competitions

"Iron-Man" and "Super Girl" competitions were completed between October 2nd and 6th, 2017 in our PE classes, in order to contribute to the development of our students' agility, strength and coordination skills. 

Th winners are Demir Üçüncüoğlu and İmge Çetinkaya from 1A, Toprak Sel and Naz İnce from 1B, Kanat Özbayraç and Şira Beyza Toker from 1C; Rüzgar Aykaç and İrem Öbekli from 2A, Sinan Uslu and Defne Seren Öğün from 2B, Emir Yazgan and Ecenaz Yetişkin from 2C; Bora Kale and Derin Ertun from 3A, Ahmet Can Sungur and Ekin Tanrıverdi from 3B, Bartu Demirel and Ayşe Gürsoy from 3C; Reis Karadeniz and Ada Melis Çopuroğlu from 4A, Kuzey Yoleri and Damla Erkin from 4B and Emir Kama and Maya Aykar from 4C. 

Iron-Man, Super Girl Competitions

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