Irmak Concerts welcomed New Year with "Family Music"

The second concert of Irmak Concerts led by Gençlik Kültür Foundation and hosted at our school, “Family Music” met the art lovers at Conference Hall on December 19. We hosted worldwide famous pianist Gülsin Onay, violinist Erkin Onay and Eren Kuştan and violist Elif Onay. Gülsin Onay who started her career as a “great kid”, giving recitals all around the world, having concerts with famous orchestra and chefs and accepted as an exceptional Chopin performer internationally had a special union with her third generation family. The concert attracted more attention with the speech of Ali Pınar. The audience had pleasant moments with the interview at the end of the concert. Gülsin Onay signed her CD at the end of the night.

 Gülsin Onay, Erkin Onay, Elif Onay and Eren Kuştan made an interview with a group of primary, secondary and high school students. Gülsin Onay, who started her piano lessons at the age of three and sent to Paris Conservatoire as a part of Gifted Children Law and her family shared her memories and experiences in her career and answered the students’ questions during the interview.  Gülsin Onay and her family gave a mini concert at the end of the interview that attracted great attention. The interview was important for our students in terms of understanding a music career and life. 

Irmak Concerts welcomed New Year with

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