Information Technology

The history of civilisation, has reached an ultimate destination of information and space age from agricultural age and the industrial age. Manpower, is being replaced first by the power of machinery and then by brainpower thus intellectual power. Those who hold information were able to also acquire power. Information, data, informatics, technology and information technology concepts were being redefined. Skills to utilise these technology tools have come forth.

The age we live in is the information age. Using computers efficiently has become an inevitable part of the thought on capturing the developments of our age.

The aims of the computing lessons are, besides cultivating a technology literate student body regardless of their past lives, individual differences and their means, enabling them to reflect on ethical and social values, attitudes, security, health and technological literacy.

Our computing lessons are once a week for the kindergarten and primary grades 1-4. Grade 3 and 4 students can also join the IT CLUB which runs once a week but as a double session.

Our students are given the opportunity to follow closely the technological developments and changes through the regularly upgraded educational computer software.

It is our aim to teach the following to the Irmak School students;

• Recognising basic computing hardware and their usage,
• Being vigilent and economical about using these technological tools,
• The advantages and disadvantages of using technology in daily life,
• To support their learning by providing resources that are suitable to their developmental level, technological, (puzzles logical thinking activities, drawing tools, writing tools)
• Enabling development in creativity, problem solving, communication, research and inquiry skills
• Adapting cooperation and respect as a way of using Information Technologies
• Mastering terminology on information technology
• Effective use of the processing systems,
• Introducing network systems and teahing its structure,
• Introducing Internet and using emails for projects based on cooperation
• Enabling efficient and correct use of MS Office programs
• Enabling identification of the problems they can face and the strategic solutions applicable
• Learning the easiest and shortest route to reach and apply information
• Developing individual productivity and supporting their cooperation in groups
• Introducing multimedya and support tools where they can produce work using their creativity and present these using visual technology.
• Teaching diffrent file types and their use in different programmes.
• Developing the right keyboard skills and increasing typing speed by using typing programmes.
• Cultivating youth who are; self confident, able to use technology in their lives both in the class and home environment.

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