Information Technology Courses

The 1 to 1 Project pursues the objective of helping our students become digital citizens for the sake of effectively protecting our rights and freedoms in the cyber space which has now become part of our life thanks to advanced technologies.

Fully comprehending the importance of using information and technologies securely subject to legal liability, Irmak Schools guide their students on the way to become digital citizens. It is thus aimed at helping anyone as digital citizens know about ethical consequences of online conduct and make decisions accordingly without abuse of technology and raising such individuals encouraging everybody into proper conduct while having communication and doing collaboration online. In Irmak Schools, every student receives digital citizenship education, implementing the principles of digital citizenship in their daily life as required by Irmak Profile.

Under the Project for Technology in Education, students adopt the principle of having respect and protection for self and others as well as respect and protection for intellectual rights in the light of the principles of digital citizenship while surfing on the cyber space as they follow up on advanced technologies physically.

Subject of Information Technologies

It is now absolutely unavoidable to use computers efficiently, which are a prerequisite for the currently prevailing belief of development and catching up with the times.

It is our basic aim to ensure that in line with the vision of our school, students are raised as individuals, who support their academic success, are capable of their knowledge and capabilities, adopt the principle of lifelong learning, feel self confident versus complex technologies, are able to use technology both at and outside classes to provide convenience for life and assume responsibilities towards their times.

The objective of the subject, computer literacy, is to ensure that all the students are capable of consciously adapting the ethical and social values and attitudes as well as issues of security, health and technological literacy to their life as they use Information Technologies as well as to raise them as “computer literates” regardless of their past life, individual differences and means.

Our computer literacy instruction is provided at the level of Preschool and Grades 1 to 4 integrally with our PYP units for one hour per week. Club activities are also held at the level of Grades 3 and 4 for two hours per week.

It is aimed to:

  • introduce students of Irmak Schools to basic computer hardware and teach them use of such hardware
  • insure that students of Irmak Schools use technological tools carefully, confidently and conservatively
  • teach students of Irmak Schools general use advantages and disadvantages of technology in their daily life
  • ensure that students of Irmak Schools are capable of using multimedia sources and technological means (puzzles, logical thinking programs, drawing tools and typing tools) matching their development levels in order to support learning
  • ensure that their skills of creativeness, problem solving, communication, research and questioning effectively develop
  • help students of Irmak Schools adopt the principle of collaboration and respecting their social settings as they use Information Technologies
  • help students of Irmak Schools have a good command of Information Technology terms
  • teach students of Irmak Schools use of computer for its intended purposes in any projects based on Internet and e-mail collaboration
  • ensure that students of Irmak Schools are able to use Office programs effectively for their intended purposes at a basic level
  • ensure that students of Irmak Schools are raised as such individuals capable of defining any problems they may encounter in their daily computer use and implementing solution strategies to such problems effectively
  • ensure that students of Irmak Schools learn the easiest and shortest ways of having access to information and are able to make use of such sources
  • support their capabilities for cooperation with groups by developing their individual productivity
  • introduce multimedia and instrumental tools to them and teach them how to present their works prepared by them through their creativeness with projectors.
  • Develop their proper keyboard use ability through our ten finger typing programs so that their typing speeds increase

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