Michelangelo Play Has Been Staged

High School Theatre Club which has met audience with many different plays and has attracted great attention staged Michelangelo play at the auditorium on Thursday, February 15th at 19.00 pm.


We organized a trip to Da Vinci Exhibition in Uniq Istanbul, the biggest and largest exhibition in the world on Thursday, February 8th, 2018 in order to internalize the achievements of "simple machines" subject in physics lesson of 11th and 12th graders.

Great Interest to Private Irmak High School Graduate Candidates from Overseas Universities

Private Irmak High School which adopts continuous development as its basic principle and constructs its unique academic curriculum with universal values, communication, holistic learning and intercultural awareness is proud of the interest to our students from overseas universities.

International Math League Contest Success

Math League is a mathematics contest which is being held in many places around the world as U.S and Canada.The exam series take place in six sessions and aim at measuring students' English and Maths skills as well as enabling them to compare themselves with their peers internationally.

Young Boys Tennis Team Success

In Istanbul Tennis Tournament held between January 19th-23th our Young Boys Tennis Team came in sixth place.

12th Grade Students Exhibition Opening

Our exhibition of 12th grade students' works has been opened on January 12th, 2018. Students and teachers showed great interest to the unique works of Neslişah Çakmakkaya, Özgür Deniz Koldaş, Defne Çayırlıoğlu and Manolya Şahin.

Active Art Contest

We participated in Traditional Active Painting Contest with our secondary and high school students on January 17th, 2018. Our students created unique and creative compositions for the given subject in a limited time.

Social Responsibility Project

On January 15th, 2018, as a part of the social responsibility projects, High School Fund group students organized a charity sale with secondary school students for autistic students. In this way, they started Butterfly Effect, theme of Irmak Biennial this year, with the charity sale and also support

High School Debate Team Success

Irmak Schools Debate Team came in 9th passing the first round and moving to the next round in ACU High Schools Debate Competition organized by Argument Factory which 30 high schools in İstanbul attended in Mef University Maslak Campus on December 23-24, 2017.

Interview with Gülsin Onay and Her Family

We hosted worldwide famous pianist Gülsin Onay, violinist Erkin Onay and Eren Kuştan and violist Elif Onay in Irmak Concerts held with the cooperation of Gençlik Kültür Foundation and Irmak Schools.

2017-2018 Academic Year's "Chatters" Have Been Announced

On Tuesday, December 15 we held our 6th "Chatty" Prepared-Unprepared Speech Contest among the secondary and high school students which was highly entertaining and exciting like each year.

We completed Ability Counseling Seminar

We have completed Ability Counseling seminar with the cooperation of counseling service by Asst. Prof. Oktay Aydın who developed MIT Ability, Interest and Tendency Test based on Multiple Intelligence. The intelligence and ability concepts that include verbal-linguistics, logical-mathematical,

Nursery Home Visit- December 1, 2017

After our visit to Kayışdağı Nursery Home last week, we had another pleasant day by organizing ceramics painting day for the elderly people in order to improve their fine motor skills.

Interest and Ability Test has been completed

We did MIT Ability, Interest and Tendency Test based on Multiple Intelligence with 10th and 11th graders with the cooperation of counseling service. We are going to hold "Ability Counseling" meeting with Asst. Prof. Oktay Aydın who has developed the test on Wednesday, December 2 between 9-10.


On 30 November-03 December 2017, Ece Naz Bilgili, Meral Aika Eren, Damla Turan, Berent Baysal, Berkan Doruk Eke, Korel Yıldız Irmak students made the trip to SEV Schools for TIMUN Conference: The Irmak students, representing Germany, along with their peers from all over the world, engaged in

"International Math League" - Mathematics Contest Success

Math League is a mathematics contest which is being held in many places around the world as U.S and Canada. The "Math League-High School Contest" takes place in six sessions and aims at measuring students' English and Maths skills as well as enabling them to compare themselves with their peers

9th graders in Orienteering

Our 9th grade students made "orienteering" activity in Göztepe park with geography teacher Oya PEKER GÜLER, physics teachers Sevda YILMAZ and homeroom teacher Ali KILINÇ on Friday, December 1. Orienteering which usually takes place in a forest involves finding directions by using a map while

Irmak High School-Children Social Responsibility Project

Our high school project team working with our sister school in Ümraniye tries to improve students expression skills, creativity and confidence in English with written materials by going to seven different classes in the second grade.

Addiction Seminar

MedAmerikan Health Center psychiatrist-psychotherapist Dr. Ayça Can Uz gave a seminar to our high school students in order to raise awareness about any addiction that affects the adolescents' psychological and physical health. Dr. Ayça Can Uz gave very important information about the usage of the

We completed Academic Feedback Meetings.

We completed our feedback meetings in all levels which we aim to inform students about their academic development and in-class progress. The suggestions to the students for improving themselves as well as seeing their weaknesses and achievements were given in the meeting that both our academic


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