International Success- Gauss Math Contest

One of the major goals of international exams is to compare and evaluate the progress of school students along with increasing the standardization and improvement of education methods. Gauss Math Contest, which is organized by CEMC ( Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing ? established...


On 29 June, Monday ,Irmak High School students had the opportunity to present the term projects, that they had worked on during this year,to their teachers and their friends.

Commune on Art with Mustafa Horasan

Changing way of thinking, new materials and new technology?Mustafa Horasan had a commune with Irmak Students in which he emphasized the beginning of his adventure with the desire to create his own work.

We Hosted Tomurcuk Foundation's Year End Performance

Tomurcuk Vakfı, to whom we have been giving our support within the scope of our social responsiblity project regarding the people with disabilities, performed it?s "Baris Manco" themed year end performance at our auditorium.

Irmak CIP Support Within the Scope of "People with Disabilities Week"

We have joined Pendik ITO Special Education Application School?s graduation ceremony within the scope of our social responsibility project, on 12 May Friday.

Pascal,Cayley ,Fermat Mathematics Contests

The aim of the International Contests is to promote standardization and improvement in teaching methods as well as to assess and test the students' scores worldwide. Our students have achieved successful scores in the Math Contests which aim to promote mathematical problem solving skills by...

Ultimate Success in Ozdebir Pilot Test

In OZDEBIR nationwide pilot test, to which our 12th grade students have participate as well, Caner Boztepe has become first in Kadikoy Province within YGS 5 , YGS 6 score category and within YGS 1 score category he has become second in Kadikoy Province. Alpin Ege Buyuklu has become second within..

22nd Irmak Book Days- Our Final Guest :A Young Writer from Irmak Schools, Sıla Yurtseven

Within the scope of 22nd Irmak Book Days, this time we had an interview with a young Irmak writer, our 9th grade student Sıla Yurtseven. During this enjoyable interview of which moderator was the head of our Turkish-Literature Department Mustafa Comoglu, Yurtseven has shared her writership process,

Istanbul Science Olympics

Istanbul Science Olympics aims to encourage high school students? within the highschools in Istanbul Metropolitan Area, ( except from 12th grades) , studies in the fields of pure scineces(Math, Physics, Chemistry,Biology and Computer Sciences), to promote research in these areas, as well as to pr

Our Sailing Accomplishment at Istanbul Sailing Championship Between Schools

Our high school student Kerem Ates has become 9th and Murat Varlık has become 6th in Istanbul Sailing Championship Between Schools.


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