Grade 4

Turkish language lessons are taught in a spiral structure at every grade level in line with the scope and sequence comprising listening, reading, understanding, writing and visual reading and presentation subtopics. It is planned in accordance with PASS theories and their steps (Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive). Differentiated contents are prepared taking into consideration the differences of students with PASS Theory activities during Thinking Skills course hours.

It is our target that students should apply their Turkish language knowledge and skills to their daily life as well as they use Turkish language in a correct and effective way. Students are encouraged to be productive individuals by making interpretations and estimations and thinking each inquiry question in details. It is aimed to develop listening, reading, writing and presenting abilities in order for the improvement of our language skill. Students learn and practice a variety of techniques to improve such skills. They are provided with means to learn grammar matters in such fields as reading and writing. In particular, emphasis is put on interpretation of paragraph. Books are examined in details in the academic year, which are acquired in connection with the inquiry units or for the purposes of free reading. Legends of other civilizations are examined. Activities to find similarities and differences between forms of writings are carried out. To write informative, explanatory, descriptive, persuasive type of texts is among the apparent targets of this age level. Changing reading habit from productive reading to critical reading is also among the significant targets.


Social Studies lessons are taught within transdisciplinary framework of PYP Inquiry Program. Aim is that students should be informed individuals about environment and community they live by means of a near-to-far learning approach. It is aimed that students should possess international mentality and ethical values, generate new ideas and see the relationship between cause and effect.


Science lessons are also taught within the transdisciplinary framework of PYP Inquiry Program. Students are encouraged to perform examinations, make observations and use systematic inquiry methods. Emphasis is put on such activities that students should make reasoning, take scientific incidents and phenomena within the cause and effect context. Students are encouraged to associate the knowledge they acquired in the science lessons with the world outside the school.


Student-oriented educational processes and activities which propose practical teaching of mathematics is located in the center of the mathematics lessons. Students do group activities and individual activities prepared according to their individual needs. Cognitive and affective development of students are continually monitored with expedient assessment means and evaluated in many ways.


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