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Kindergarten providing services within the body of Irmak Schools since 1995 is proud to be with you, age 6 (preparatory group) and age 3-5 groups of Irmak Kindergarten and play groups.

In our kindergarten, the best and optimal educational environment is offered, within confidence and sympathy, to our children by means of its physical structure established according to the world standards, where all kinds of needs of a child are satisfied.

Our children are prepared in the best way for our process regarding primary school with effective and entertaining activities while our PYP education program which is starting with the age 4 groups, being configured according to the integrity perspective, is carried out also with age 5 and age 6 groups.   

Though our educational perspective is based on inquiry and curiosity, events, applications and materials with which our children will learn by having fun, using their 5 senses, trying and, above all, enjoying, and rich education environments are offered. 

In our kindergarten in Caddebostan, half-day English education is offered to our students in company with the foreign teachers as from age 4, with the awareness of the foreign language education and competence in two languages must be started at an early age.  

Irmak Kindergarten projects the awareness that each child is unique and different, to its educational programs. Within the scope of common works carried out with our counseling services, such perspective is reflected introducing different branch courses for our children in order to find out and improve different sides and special skills of our children. Our branch courses designed with "visual arts, music, physical education and gymnastics" for age 4 and 5 groups are diversified with "drama, chess, science lab and information technologies" for our preparatory group. 

Personality development, sense of self, self-confidence, sense of values of our students are encouraged within the scope of the "Qualified Individual Education" we are carrying out.

What is targeted in Irmak Kindergarten is to educate students as individuals competent in their mother language, improved their foreign language skills, aware of their interests and capabilities and ready for primary school. 

Irmak Kindergarten students are one of IB learners who are HAPPY, HIGHLY SELF-CONFIDENT and INQUIRER. 

Target of the Irmak Kindergarten in Caddebostan is to create difference in education and, above all, in life as well as academic success and superior performance in foreign language.

You can get detailed information about enrollment from our website and our kindergarten unit.

In Irmak Private Kindergarten in Caddebostan, academic program proposed by the Ministry of National Education are applied, being integrated with the Primary Years Program (PYP) which places the inquisitive education into scientific frame. With this program, it is possible for the students to get qualified education, enriching it with Creativity and Education for Thinking, Technological Literacy, Qualified Individual Education, GEMS (Great Explorations In Mathematics and Science) applications, and keep up with the requirements of their age.

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