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Welcome to Irmak Secondary School webpage.

Our school was established in 1995 as Turkey’s first elementary school.

Ever since our foundation, the learning and teaching environments are designed to discover and enhance talents  and raise sophisticated individuals equipped with  high standard academic, social and emotional acquisitions. 

While the progress of each student at Irmak Schools is carefully monitored in terms of all skills areas, owing to hereditary factors, all individual skills are regarded as distinct and unique. Having adopted this perception in structuring its curriculum models, our school considers learning as a continuous process and as a result, believes it is not restricted by place and time. 

Enriched by Irmak driven acquisitions, course curriculums are created to enhance our students’ intellectual perspective, traits of global thinking and reasoning, prediction, interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge, ability to attach already existing knowledge to the new ones and also processing knowledge.  The course settings are tailored to meet the needs of individual learning differences and speeds with distinctive training activities allowing learners to utilize their own potentials in the learning process.    

Instructional technologies we implemented at the 5th and 6th grade levels this year were observed to make a great contribution to the learning process while letting the students to be able to assume and adopt digital citizenship principles during these early ages.

Social and emotional development of students is highly regarded at Irmak Schools as students involve in different trips and events that are in harmony with academic acquisitions,  attend two periods of club activities every week which include vast range of selections for different interests and talents , and join sports and art events in and out of the school. In that regard, each student is encouraged to experience this entire network of opportunities in the discovery and enhancement of talents process.

The measurement and evaluation procedures are based on a highly systematic model that results in accurate follow up of the academic progress.  The process advances through a spiral structure with individualized feedbacks regarding the outcome of unit review and scanner tests held on regular basis for each class level and academic unit.   

All types of course curriculums are designed on horizontal and vertical models and therefore when our students take the national test at the 8th grade level,  they perform higher , remain in the 1% success zone and prefer to extend their way through Irmak High School to remain a continuous part of our enriched education model.  The International programs and individualized academic environment at the Irmak High School offer the opportunity for each student to reach personal goals and help graduates extend their studies at distinguished schools in Turkey and abroad. 


Having surpassed two decades in education with the embrace of the principle of considering  student learning and production as two inevitable necessities for the universal development, our school puts the perception of “learning organization” to the forefront and shapes its studies in line with the close follow up of the educational programs, methods and techniques essential for the 21st century individuals.     

You can contact us regarding our webpage and school model. 

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