CEMC Mathematics Contest Success

We encourage our students especially those who are interested in math and have an academic background to take international exams in order to improve their vision, test themselves in the international area and provide materials for them. CEMC (Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing) exam by Waterloo University Mathematics Department is one of these exams.

According to the results of the exam we had in February, Kerem Gürses, İpek Karagöz, Defne Solmaz, Rüzgâr Ağaoğlu, Alp Kesler, Yiğit Bostancı, Berkan Doruk Eke, Berent Baysal, Kerem Üster, Murat Varlık, Meral Aika Eren and Ferit Ayrancı were in the first 25% of 64561 students who took the exam around the world. These students got a ‘Distinction’ certificate while Kerem Gürses received ‘Pascal’ medal in 9th grade, Berkant Doruk Eke ‘Cayley’ medal in 10th grade and Ferit Ayrancı ‘Fermat’ medal in 11th grade for getting the highest score in their level.   

We congratulate our students and wish them continued success.

CEMC Mathematics Contest Success

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