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Panel Kırtasiye, which is Irmak Schools’ partner to meet requirements for stationery and books, was incorporated in 2001 and is at your disposal with a store having space of 800 m2 and 35 employees situated on Sahrayı Cedid / İnönü Street, offering a rich assortment of books in Turkish and English including foreign language books in addition to stationery, games, toys and gifts. The number of Store employees was increased to 70 persons in September, with firm commitment to maintain operations based on full customer’s satisfaction.

Panel Kırtasiye follows up on the requirements of students attending both private educational institutions and public schools very closely. It supplies any products specifically required in a short period.

Its online shopping sites, panelkı and,, which is Turkey’s biggest store of pens, pencils, etc., provide online shopping opportunities round the clock for seven days a week, with their monthly numbers of visitors being over 200,000 and 5,000, respectively.

OKUL SEPETİ (SCHOOL BASKET), a project by Panel Kırtasiye, provides the parents of our students with an opportunity to meet their requirements in school seasons quite conveniently by shopping online.  The project, OKUL SEPETİ (SCHOOL BASKET), started providing services in our school last year for the first time; Parents may conveniently place orders online via Internet anywhere and at any time of their free election for any school supplies (including, among others, Turkish and foreign language books and stationery) they may need for their students; you can make payment by any method you prefer, taking delivery of your orders at any place and time of your free choice.

How, the Project, OKUL SEPETİ (SCHOOL BASKET), operates

  1. Parents visit the sites specifically prepared for their respective schools.
  2. They select their respective grades and have access to the list of requirements pre-designated by the respective schools.
  3. Parents may delete from the lists such products already in their possession from last year or change their quantities.
  4. By clicking on the button, Add to the Basket (Sepete Ekle), thus adding the list to the shopping basket.
  5. They complete the shopping process by inputting their address and payment information.

Payment is made by one of the following payment options:

  1. Payment at the door
  2. Payment by credit card at the door
  3. Transfer
  4. Online Payment by credit card (3D secure shopping holding 128 bit SSL Certificate)

They receive their orders by courier no later than 3 business days with no courier charges.

Advantages of the Project, OKUL SEPETİ (SCHOOL BASKET), for parents:

  1. Shopping opportunities round the clocks seven days a week (7/24)
  2. Shopping opportunities throughout Turkey
  3. Delivery at any address as instructed
  4. Time saving
  5. Prevention of any accidental purchase of wrong products
  6. Opportunities for any family members to shop simultaneously
  7. Shopping opportunities for favorable prices specifically set for schools
  8. Support through the call center





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